Family Trip around the World

Thank's to Kean for this picture in Halong Bay
Thank's to Kean for this picture in Halong Bay




We dedicate this page of our website to showcase our family adventure to all those we met around the world,

or those that perhaps we will cross...

We are a French family living near Paris.

We have decided to leave our home to  discover the world during one year  !

Our trip has begun since August 2013..


Strange idea for someone  ... or crazy ... fabulous for other one...

At first we have a real chance to live in France where such dream can become reality...


Our trip have begin in South Africa before progress in South East of Asia. Next it will be Australia, French Plolynesia, South America, the Alaska and in New York City to end.


We love travel in fabulous landscapes ... and also friendly guys and girls who give us some time to exchange with us...

We often give our adress web site to open them the door of our fabulous dream who become reality every day ...


Now we have decided to create this page to explain it in english.

This language is more useful to communicate in the world !


Let us a message in the following book or send us simply a message ...


Doing our world tour in family is a very nice trip...

Talking with so different people all over the world is a good way to discover the world ...


See you soon !

Thanks to you ...


Feel our memory book behind :

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    Ramsey (samedi, 28 juin 2014 18:51)

    Salut! C'est l'americain qui est allé à San Pedro et au Salar Uyuni au même temps que vous. J'éspère que vous ayez pu éviter les grèves de bus à Uyuni! J'ai réussi d'aller directemente à La Paz et maintenant je suis en Péru (Huacachina). J'éspère que vous alliez bien et que aviez une bonne voyage!

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    sandy (jeudi, 06 février 2014 23:51)

    Hello there French family discovering the world.. This is Sandy the hairdresser that cut your son's hair in Merimbula..I wish you all a happy and safe journey... ENJOY

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    Lindsay Hamon (lundi, 18 novembre 2013 15:37)

    Hope you got my reply to your email. Wonderful to meet you for just a few minutes. So good to see this web site. God go with you in so many different ways. Lindsay

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